Monday, September 28, 2009

Final Collection Inspirations (1)

Theme 1 – Koop

Electronic and jazz music has always been my favorite genre of music to listen to. With a new style of “Nu-Jazz”/”Acid Jazz” which combines the two worlds together, it has been my most enjoyed genre of music. This combination creates music with stylish, moody, lounge-like feel and it brings me a lot of inspiration in creating or designing.

One of my favorite electronic jazz musician is Koop. When you listen to their work, you’ll think it’s completely played by an orchestra in a studio, however, most of their work, except for the vocals, are all samples from different songs or soundtracks. These kind of creating method is somehow similar to the deconstruction theme that we’ve learnt.
- “Summer Sun” – Koop
- “I See A Different You” - Koop
- “Koop Island Blues” – Koop (Live Performance)
- “Koop Island Blues” – Koop (Official Video)

“Koop Island Blues” is the song that inspires me to create a collection. The official video for the song gave me the story, mood and visuals for a collection. The story involves a prostitute girl who struggle in her life and the pain that brought to her. This somehow reminds me of those trends of “Rental Girlfriends” (援交) in Hong Kong in the past few months. I wanted to create a collection with a story and theme that this song inspires me.

Theme 2 – Bob Fosse

Performing acts has always been one of my interest. No matter it’s drama, music or dance, I always find myself enjoying it. What would be better to combine these 3 elements in one single performance? And that is why I love musicals.

What can you think of when I say “musical” or “theater jazz”/”show jazz”? I can say most of the dance moves that you can imagine is popularize from one of my favorite choreographer – Bob Fosse. Jazz hands, jazz walks, distorted body positions… etc – Sexy and classy movements, is what Bob Fosse creates.

Original Stage/Film Performance:
- “Mein Herr” – from Cabaret
*Madonna did a homage to this performance in her “Confessions on the dance floor” concert.
- “Big Spender” – from Sweet Charity
- "Steam Heat" – from Pajama Game
- “Bye Bye Blackbird” – Lize with a Z
- “All That Jazz” – from Chicago
- “Cell Block Tango” – from Chicago

Even nowadays, there are so many different jazz dances that are created using the moves, positions that Bob Fosse created in movies and musicals.

Modern routines with Bob Fosse inspired movements:
- “Blackbird”
- “Let Me Think About It” (~1:00 – 3:15)

The sexy, cool yet elegant movements and mood inspire me to develop a set of fashion collection with the same feeling.

Theme 3 – Foon Sham
(Visual Artist/Sculptor/Installation Artist)

Dr. Sham is a world renowned Sculptor/ Installation Artist who graduated from my secondary school. For my secondary school’s 80th anniversary, he created a sculpture called “Vase Of Champion” to celebrate it. And I have the opportunity to talk to him and share our views in visual arts.

When most people think of sculpture, they think of a whole block of metal, glass or wood with different shapes and forms. However, Dr. Sham’s creations are much more interesting. He uses blocks of wood or metals and construct/build different forms in a sculpture or even a large-scaled installation art.

Some of the most interesting pieces are :

“20-20-3 Joint” (Outdoor Work) – 2 case-like Installation built by the bridge, the negative space in between by the 2 forms creates the 3 vase, and water can be seen in those negative spaces during the day

“House of identity” (Indoor Work) – created for an exhibition in Hong Kong, materials include “yellow-page” phone book and pine woods.

And there are plenty more interesting piece that you can see on his website:

The construction of how to use blocks to create curves and shape, and the interesting use of materials inspires me. The blending of construction and deconstruction of his work also inspires me to play with different shapes and forms in clothing.

If you find these 3 artist unsuitable, I can still find and replace another one for you to choose from. Feel free to comment.

Andy =)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Great Video

Hey!! i m here to share 2 videos to u guy that is out of fashion!!but i really love those videos
those are watched today when i browse the U tube

i dunno how to upload the video here so i juz post the link




The theme of the 1st video is called Signs
i think it is great because i think if u want a story which can touch ppl's heart,the contrast should be huge.
after watching this i can really feel the theme of the story and i realize that to express our feeling ,not necessary to speak but to feel or juz give a sign whatever it is a paper hving words or it's juz a smile or a eye contact
sometimes,maybe be a sign better than a talk it can make u feel more

the 2nd story ,i juz like the execution of the message .it presents a life that is relaxing ,i juz want to replay the video so many time because the music ,the picture and the simple !!less is more is always true!!that 's is sth last forward!!
BY Pakto

Monday, September 14, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009


I am Pakto who is your classmate in tut005 of advanced design.Asked by Ray to hold a bolg for u guys
to share some innovative or interesting issue of yourself.
hope every of u will fully utilize this blog la