Monday, October 5, 2009

3 contemporary artist by kayan

3 Contemporary Artists

Anish Kapoor

(born 12 March 1954) is a sculptor

His later works are made of solid, quarried stone, many of which have carved apertures and cavities, often alluding to, and playing with, dualities (earth-sky, matter-spirit, lightness-darkness, visible-invisible, conscious-unconscious, male-female and body-mind). His most recent works are mirror-like, reflecting or distorting the viewer and surroundings. The use of red wax is also part of his current repertoire, evocative of flesh, blood and transfiguration.

Richard Deacon

CBE (born 15 August 1949) is a British abstract sculptor, and a winner of the Turner Prize
His works are often constructed from everyday materials such as laminated plywood, and he calls himself a "fabricator" rather than a "sculptor". His early pieces are typically made up of sleek curved forms, with later works sometimes more bulky.

Francesco Clemente (
born 23 March 1952) is an Italian painter. His work shows both surrealist and expressionist references

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