Sunday, October 4, 2009

Revised Final Collection Inspiration

Kelley Abbey
(Dancer/Actress/Choreographer/Dance Director)

Since Bob Fosse is a bit away from contemporary, here then I choose one of my all time favorite contemporary choreographer who was inspired by Bob Fosse’s choreography and style.

Kelley Abbey is a world renowned choreographer/dancer – and she was crowned the most outstanding all-round performer and choreographer in Australia. She choreographed for loads of theatre, movies and television and has won and nominated for multiple awards.

Being an actress, choreographer and dancer in one of the most popular Bob Fosse’s creation Sweet Charity, and other musicals like Fame, Grease and Follies, she has always been inspired by theatre jazz movements. Her outstanding performances brought her 2 Best Female Music Theatre Performer and a Best Original Choreography awards.

To quote from an interview that Kelley has done:

The choreographer/dancer/performer I look up to the most is: I really look up to Bob Fosse. He was an incredible dancer and grew to be an amazing choreographer, who had such a distinctive original pioneering style that he became a director/choreographer on stage and screen. He is one of the select few who broke Hollywood as well as Broadway, and his work never dates. Chicago still runs today all over the world. Artists like Michael Jackson developed their signature stance sitting in one hip with the opposite foot poised from a signature Fosse pose. He has influenced and inspired many...”

Here are some of her original routines that has/were inspired by Bob Fosse’s movements:

Other than the classical jazz pieces, she is also a choreographer for many popular artists. Here are some of the more modern styled jazz pieces that she choreographed:
Lovestoned (~00:57)
Everybody’s Free

She also choreographed the Oscar winning animated movie –“Happy Feet”, contributing her dance moves via motion sensor to the characters in the movie.

Kelley did not only create routines inspired by Bob Fosse, she also create her own style by combine both Bob Fosse’s movements and her own movements. These 2 amazing routines are some of the best choreography that I’ve ever seen. From the chose of music, costume, theme and style, it’s all so modern, but you can still see the inspiration from the old techniques.
Let Me Think About It (~1:00 – 3:15)
Mi Confession (~00:35)

I think her combination of both old and modern movements suited more to the contemporary styled movements and feeling that you required. Feel free to comment. =)

Andy =)

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