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Contemporay artists by JonathanYIP (3)- Jasper Johns

Jasper Johns (born May 15, 1930 in Augusta, Georgia, United States) is an American contemporary artist who works primarily in painting and printmaking. He is represented by the Matthew Marks Gallery

Johns studied at the University of South Carolina from 1947 to 1948, a total of three semesters.

His work is often described as a Neo-Dadaist 新達達主義, as opposed to pop art, even though his subject matter often includes images and objects from popular culture. Still, many compilations on pop art include Jasper Johns as a pop artist because of his artistic use of classical iconography.


Johns' breakthrough move, which was to inform much later work by others, was to appropriate popular iconography for painting, thus allowing a set of familiar associations to answer the need for subject. [ 瓊斯的突破手法是藝術家本人通過藝術創作,對已定義物件的再定義,從而展示一系列除此件事物本身含義以外所帶來的熟悉的引申含義。通過抽象表現主義抹去事物原有主旨,換句話說,美國國旗和瓊斯所創作的Flag雖然共享統一圖像,但是本質已經完全不同。瓊斯將物件重新創作並賦予作品新的中立含義,所以從藝術的角度,同樣是美國國旗,瓊斯油畫令人神往的精細表面作為一個表面而存在,而並非國旗。]

1954-55 Flag
He is best known for his painting Flag (1954-55), he painted his first flag picture in 1954. He had his first one-man exhibition in 1958 at the Leo Castelli Gallery, New York. His picture Grey Numbers also won the International Prize at the Pittsburgh Biennale.

1955 Target with plaster casts

1961 & 1963 Map

1981-86 Tantric detail 1, 2,3

1983 & 1984 Racing Thoughts

1985-1986 Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

reference: 《A Thing Among Things -The Art of Jasper Johns》& wikipedia
by Jonathan

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