Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Contemporay artists by Siu Cheuk Lam (Charlotte)

1.Robert Adams
(born May 8, 1937) is an American photographer who came to prominence as part of the photographic movement known as New Topographics. He was a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellow in photography in 1973 and 1980, and he received the MacArthur Foundation's MacArthur Fellowship in 1994. In 2009, he received the Hasselblad Award for his achievements in photography.[1] He is represented by the Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco and the Matthew Marks Gallery in New York.

Robert Combas

a French painter and sculptor, born in 1957 in Sète in the south of France and now living and working in Paris.

He is widely recognized as a progenitor of the figuration libre movement that began in Paris around 1980 as a reaction to the art establishment in general and minimalism and conceptual art in particular.

Combas’ own work has always been strongly rooted in depictions of the human figure. The figures are often in wild, violent or orgiastic settings. Usually on large, often unstretched canvases, Combas crowds his flat pictorial space with a teeming proliferation of bodies, street poetry and designs reminiscent of the compulsive patterning in much folk and outsider art. He creates hectic narratives of war, crime, sex, celebration and transgression—in short, every phase that makes up the constant flux of modern life. In recent years a strong autobiographical strain has been evident in his work, which was present only on a subliminal level, if at all, in the earlier work..

While Combas’ works often seem to carry an element of shock or confrontation, he insists the images are meant to engage the viewer, and their execution in vibrant color and bold, unfettered line communicate a spirit of proletarian camaraderie that offsets the tendency to overwhelm, in the larger works especially.

In a biographical note on Robert Combas’ official website the artist asserts his aim is to

“provoke, that is, to trigger a reaction in the spectator only to ‘invite’ him, beckoning him in and whispering in his ear ‘come over and talk to me, I want to tell you about the stupidity, violence, beauty, love, hatred, seriousness and fun, the logic and senselessness that pervade our day-to-day lives’ ”.

3.Dorophy Tang

Dorophy Tang, a product designer and an illustrator, who was born and is based in Hong Kong. She finished her Diploma in Design Studies and her Bachelor (Hons) of Design in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She is very enthusiastic with Traditional Chinese Art and Design. Her previous works include 1000% bearbrick Insane ABS for Angel’s Smile Foundation’s Charity Auction, QingHuaCi guitar for well-known Hong Kong City Magazine. Shopping B.B serial illustrations that interpret the situation of Nowadays young people’s attitude towards trend culture ironically. She “re-designed” a Lomography camera, Diana f+ with her signature Qinghua style, for The Detrich Collection & Diana Vignettes Exhibition. In 2008, Dorophy hold her individual exhibition with Adidas, which is named “Kicks Discovery around Beijing, Hong Kong and Taipei. Dorophy organized a Christmas Art Charity campaign(named “Sanlitun Village PeekaPoo Shopping Baby Angel Charity Art Exhibition” in the Beijing famous shopping district. Dorophy painted 10 shopping baby angels and allow people to treasure hunt them in the shopping district.

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